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An "ALEA" product is not sold like a television or an washing machine. It starts off as a virtual product that only goes into production when an order is placed. Because each "ALEA" product is individually designed and tailored to the specific requirements of our customers, only the expertise, creativity and skill of "ALEA" specialists make your new kitchen a perfect. A distinction "ALEA" customers have learned to cherish. There's still a lot more to know about "ALEA".

The best way to learn about "ALEA" is to talk with your "ALEA" advisor, a competent specialist who will help you to find your bearings in the wealth of possibilities and to decide what's best for your needs - from the choice of colours and materials to the arrangement of the cabinet elements and electrical appliances, "ALEA" advisers are experienced planning specialists with profound knowledge.

This knowledge is kept up to date at regular research & development where our partners are informed of important innovations and new insights.Take all the time you need to picture to yourself how your new "ALEA" kitchen will look by visiting our partners constantly updated showrooms. Here you will also be given the "Kitchen Ideas Book", our valuable, comprehensive guide.
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